In: High End Hunting Lodges. Out: Game Preserves

I never knew there were businesses called “game retreats” or commercial game preserves where customers hunt and fish. The Outdoor Foundation’s Outdoor Recreation Participation Outline Report 2017 indicates the number of people participating in hunting and fishing activities increased in the past three years, with the number of those who participate in fly fishing and rifle hunting realized the largest increases.

However, research firm IBISWorld, Inc. forecasts hunting and trapping industry revenues will increase by a mere 0.81% during the period 2017 through 2022, hindered by the declining commercial trapping industry.  On the other hand, high-end hunting and fishing preserves and lodges will increase in popularity in during the next six years. “These preserves, which cater to wealthy clients, are expected to experience a revenue increase as growth in per capita disposable income, corporate profit and the number of domestic trips bring more guests,” says Brian Sayler, IBISWorld analyst.[1]

Jan DavisComment