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Expert Witness Research

Some examples of Blue Sage Research litigation support projects include:

•    Public records searches to link relationships between individuals and businesses
•    Identify financially-engineered mergers in a specific industry for a fraud case
•    Comb through SEC filings to find write-offs of impairment charges
•    Locate investment bank reports for South American companies for a damages case
•    FindEmpirical studies regarding impact of a business owner’s death on company’s stock price
•    Locate executive compensation surveys for C-Level execs in a particular industry
•    Identify venture capital investments for a fraud case,
•    Perform Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Knowledge of the types of proprietary databases available will help you build your case in court as well as market your services to attorneys.


I continue to be very pleased with the quality, timeliness and usefulness of the research you provide me. You do great work.”– William C. Bradley, CPA/ABV, Mangum, Schieffer, Bradley & Co., PLLC.