BV Research in Review

A monthly newsletter that will  leave you wanting to do better BV research

Each issue presents 5-6 research sources relevant to business valuation.  We won’t just list the resource, we’ll focus on the 4 W’s of each:

Who publishes the source, and we’ll update you on any changes and their impact,

What the source contains, in the context of its importance to business valuation,

Where to find the source, especially those helpful databases buried in government sites, like the Census. We’ll also list less expensive options to access the data, if they exist,

Why, yes most importantly why to use the source,

And one more….HOW to use it.  We will provide instruction on how to best use the source, including tips and tricks on using databases and downloading the data into various formats.  


5 Reasons to Subscribe:

Almost every business valuation requires research.  Yet so many sources exist—and some very expensive—that it’s hard to know which sources are best to use.

1.    The better your research skills and the sources you use, the better you are able to support your value conclusion.  

2.    Save time by learning the quickest way to find data sources that don’t come up in your Google searches.

3.    Save money by learning about the less expensive sources.

4.    Receive advice on deciding which fee-based subscriptions to purchase.

5.    Keeps you up to date on the most important data sources in the BV world. Data sources change all the time. This newsletter will advise you of those changes.


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3.    Suggest a topic you’d like researched and I’ll cover it in an upcoming newsletter.


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