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Almost every business valuation requires research.  Yet so many sources exist—and some very expensive—that it’s hard to know which sources are best to use.

5 Reasons to Subscribe:

1.    Support your value conclusion by having an arsenal of research sources at your fingertips and the knowledge of how to search those sources.

2.     Learn how to move beyond the off-the-shelf research reports and simple Google searches so that you feel confident you've done the best research you can do given your time and budget.

3.    Save money by learning about the less expensive sources and how to search the "deep web." Receive advice on which fee-based subscriptions you may have to purchase.

4.    Stay up to date on the most important data sources in the BV world. Data sources change all the time. This newsletter will advise you of those changes.

5.    Take advantage of the "suggest a topic" subscriber feature and we'll help you troubleshoot a research issue.

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Overview of the U.S. Economy

Blue Sage Research prepares a quarterly Overview of the U.S. Economy. We don’t just recite government statistics. We add analysis from the country’s leading economists. It is delivered via email within 7 days of the quarter’s end. Guaranteed.

For $75 a quarter, $250 a year or $400 for two years. Quarterly overviews are available from 2010 to the present. Please contact us for more information, including a free sample.



Jan Davis has written many books. From the Business Valuation and Internet Research guide to the Best Websites for Financial Professionals, she has provided thorough resources to assist in-depth research.

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