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Accurate, relevant and customized research can make the difference between winning and losing a court case, determining a company’s correct value, obtaining funding for your business, or finding the best buyer for your client’s firm.
We provide data and reports that the average researcher can't gather because of our access to hundreds of databases, extensive print resources, and our network of contacts in the trade associations in which we belong. 

Please explore our web site. Discover how we can enhance your credibility and protect your billable time by providing the data you need.


Expert Witness Research

As an expert, you may be called to calculate damages in contract disputes, commercial torts, business interruption claims, marital dissolution suits, wrongful termination cases, taxation issues or intellectual property rights infringement.

Blue Sage Research has assisted numerous business appraisers and forensic economists with their expert testimony. Clients know they can count on us for comprehensive and accurate information to build their testimony.

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Business Valuation Research

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on the financial analysis of the business appraisal than on the research?

We have years of experience in BV research.  Let us help you:

•    Identify comparable guideline public companies,
•    Identify comparable merger and acquisition transactions,
•    Research and write an industry overview,
•    Research and write a regional economic overview,
•    Build your expert witness testimony with solid research.


Industry Research

Blue Sage Research’s industry reports are accurate, relevant, and customized for you. No boilerplate off-the-shelf material grabbed from the Internet.

We consult dozens of databases, local libraries, and trade associations for pertinent industry trends, forecasts and other relevant economic, social, technological and regulatory issues. We’ll pick up the phone and talk with people in the know. 

Thorough industry research also involves searching the Internet. We go beyond just plugging a few words into Google; we know how to extract industry data hidden in the deep web.

Once we gather the relevant industry data we analyze it and prepare a well-written, concise report.

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Company Research

We are experts at searching for company information. Blue Sage Research subscribes to dozens of databases that contain information on national and international private and public companies.

Some examples of Blue Sage Research company research projects include:

•    Buyer’s and seller’s lists for business intermediaries,
•    Background research on companies and their executives and boards for management consultants,
•    Guideline company searches for business appraisers,
•    Market research. For example, a financial analyst hired us to identify companies with ESOPs that also had unions.


Business Monitoring, Tracking & Intelligence



We provide current awareness services that track, analyze and report on industries, trends, companies, products and economies. We do this by scanning fee-based databases and the free web and setting up alerts to run the searches on a periodic basis.


We offer instruction-led training on site or online. Jan offers research skills training for you or your entire staff depending on your needs – ranging from administrative assistants to analysts.

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Art Workshops

Lisa Pressman in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. March 2-5, 2020

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