Supply List

What we provide:

R&F Pigment Sticks - Sponsored by R&F Core Teaching Program for Lisa

128 oz. GAMBLIN cold wax medium

GAMBLIN solvents

Paper towels

Tissue paper, newsprint

Unscented baby wipes

Cardboard for transporting wet work home

·Wax paper for layering between wet panels

Mark making tools

What you bring:

  • Oil Paints: Gamblin, Williamsburg, Sennelier and/or Rembrandt Brands recommended. One large tube of Titanium white and a selection of transparent and opaque warm and cool colors (indication on tube or color chart). Choose colors that you like to paint with. Lisa likes Gamblin, Williamsburg paints. Small tubes are fine. look for a combination of transparent and opaque choices.

  • Several brushes (cheap are fine) for oil paint in various sizes

  • Multimedia Artboard. One package of 9x12 .

  • One pad of Arches oil paper 9″ x 12″

  • Optional: Ampersand Boards, EncausticBord, ClayBoard or birch panels prepared for oil: gessoed.

  • Several soft rubber brayers: Speedball 4-inch, 6-inch. etc.

  • Any favorite stencils or mark making tools. (We will provide some mark making tools, but if you have favorites….bring them!

  • Cheap sponge paint rollers

  • 3-4 Palette knives

  • Scrapers: credit cards and/or shaper tools

  • Blue painter’s tape

  • Paper palette, craft sheet or 12″ x 16″ or freezer paper (for palette)

  • Disposable gloves (if you have a preference/sensitivity bring the kind you like. We will have some to share)

Any questions?  Just ask Jan at